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Monday, February 14, 2011

Roku SDS Streaming player

I bought this device for my dad as he is slightly technically challenged. He kept telling me that he needed to watch Netflix on his 52" LCD TV. He was sure he had to get a Blue Ray player to gain a high quality streaming experience. I figured it might be good to buy a Blue Ray player since he'd have the player for all the DVD's he owns and the Netflix streaming would be gravy. After pricing the BR players I realized that if i wanted WIFI built in, I'd have to buy an off brand unit to be at a cushty price point. Further research made clear the Roku XDS which is a fantastic piece of tech. It is extremely easy to line up. From the time you open the package to the moment you're watching a film streaming from Netflix is around Fifteen minutes. You could likely even do it quicker, but I was playing with some of the other channels that Roku has to give.

Since WIFI connectivity was an extremely important feature, I quickly went to that screen in the set up sequence to make certain I had a good signal. Since my router is Ten feet from the Roku box my throughput is exceedingly high. I could have ran a wire to the ethernet connection but then we're speaking more wires. I dislike wires!!! I put in my WEP password and the box promptly started updating the firmware. To link your Netflix account the Roku will show you an alphanumeric code. You simply go to [...]and input the code that is on the screen. Within 15 seconds or so that the Roku screen will advance and you are now totally integrated with Netflix. There is no need to do this again unless you reset the Roku back to factory settings. The same procedure is utilized for Pandora and other channels offered on the Roku.

There are lots of other channels that you can add to Roku. If you've an Amazon VOD account, it integrates just as simply as the Netflix account. Then you have the ability to add Hulu + as well but I don't counsel that. The price is $7.99 / month as of this writing and since you still have to watch adverts, I don't see the value. Finally, if you're on the fence about which Roku to get ( there are 3 ) you must consider the apex of the line model or the second tiered unit. Do not consider the cheapest model as it lacks WIFI and won't broadcast in HD.

I actually happen to have the new generation of Apple Television ( nearly same size as Roku ). The reason why I have the Apple unit is because of how it firmly integrates with iTunes and the iPhone Four which I have. I am able to simply recommend the Roku player to anyone who wants to add a pleasant piece of tech to their multi-media systems. Best of luck and thanks for reading my review.

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