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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book Review

Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Book: Based on the Film Phenomenon

The book is now in its 2 days on Amazon top 100 bestselling book at the time of writing. I am really not a fan of Harry Porter and this was one of my first Harry Porter book and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The nook make a perfect read for both adults and children. When I first opened the book, I was blown away with the breathtaking art that is in the book. The pages are superbly made and it makes one feels like is flying in the world of Harry Porter.

Artwork was not the only thing that made buy the book, there is also so much source information in the book. I have read a lot of books about how films were made, but this one has set standards too high for any author that will be writing about a movie, It explained everything in details with glossy compelling pictures and arts. It talks about the real life of Hedwig and also the owl. If you think the book was meant for the matured readers, you have to think again. The description of behind the scenes is written in such a way that all levels of people would be able to enjoy the book.

Adding together the brilliant artwork and informative content of this book, I would highly recommend its purchase to any Harry Potter fan. I have been struggling to come up with a rating that will do justice to this book but I ended up giving it 4 and I alo promised myself to buy some of the Harry Portes book.

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